Package Free Shop

Fellow environmentalists, minimalists, and zero-waste wanna bes... your dream shop has arrived in Williamsburg Brooklyn as of May 1st 2017. A fantasy green shop turned reality. Two zero waste specialists join forces to create the ultimate one-stop life-style change shop. Lauren Singer, of Trash is for Tossers, is known to be the pioneer of zero-waste living. … Continue reading Package Free Shop


Go Green in Big Business

I am currently inspired by a large success at Monmouth University, my school. Due to ceaseless efforts, Monmouth has agreed to redevelop their sustainability council. This will lock them into a 10 year plan of eco- revolutionizing this private university. The tipping point was after a discussion with the president and facilities management board member. … Continue reading Go Green in Big Business

Sustainable Practices- Reuse by DIY Rag Rug (How To)

I couldn't stand to throw away all of these garments I had collected throughout my life. This isn't because I am emotionally attached to these items ( quite the opposite) in fact I needed to get this clutter out of my life, but I couldn't let these items end up in a landfill. After all … Continue reading Sustainable Practices- Reuse by DIY Rag Rug (How To)

Advanced Sustainable Life-Styles

Alright! Lets talk about taking the next step in being mindful on behalf of the environment, its inhabitants, and the earth we all share 🙂 Energy Conservation in your home In my house we don't pay a dime for the heating electric in our home over the winter. By purchasing a cord of seasoned fire wood, … Continue reading Advanced Sustainable Life-Styles

Sustainable Living- First Steps!

To begin, your interest in living sustainable is admirable and exciting! In this post I will provide you with a couple of tips to keep in mind if you are looking to reduce your carbon foot-print and take better care of the environment. You will be amazed at how you feel better mentally and physically by […]