Package Free Shop

Fellow environmentalists, minimalists, and zero-waste wanna bes... your dream shop has arrived in Williamsburg Brooklyn as of May 1st 2017. A fantasy green shop turned reality. Two zero waste specialists join forces to create the ultimate one-stop life-style change shop. Lauren Singer, of Trash is for Tossers, is known to be the pioneer of zero-waste living. … Continue reading Package Free Shop


Go Green in Big Business

I am currently inspired by a large success at Monmouth University, my school. Due to ceaseless efforts, Monmouth has agreed to redevelop their sustainability council. This will lock them into a 10 year plan of eco- revolutionizing this private university. The tipping point was after a discussion with the president and facilities management board member. … Continue reading Go Green in Big Business

Sustainable Practices- Reuse by DIY Rag Rug (How To)

I couldn't stand to throw away all of these garments I had collected throughout my life. This isn't because I am emotionally attached to these items ( quite the opposite) in fact I needed to get this clutter out of my life, but I couldn't let these items end up in a landfill. After all … Continue reading Sustainable Practices- Reuse by DIY Rag Rug (How To)

Mindful of Social Movements

Yes it is important to pay attention to what is happening in the world... Not just your country. Not just your culture. Not just your life.  Why? Because, if people around the globe are upset enough to protest about something, chances are these same issues may affect you. For example, if LGBTQ rights are on … Continue reading Mindful of Social Movements

Mindful Eating Tips

Chew your food until it becomes liquid. I do this habitually as a test to see how difficult it will be for my body to break down the substances I am trying to eat. My grandma used to say to chew 100 x. ( that was only because I used to eat as quickly as I … Continue reading Mindful Eating Tips

Mindfulness for personal wellbeing

Once again, I am writing to you today out of personal experience and opinion... with some science and love to supplement the content. As most people agree, life is difficult. It seems that when it rains it pours, and when its sunny outside you get burnt. As someone who practices optimism in day to day … Continue reading Mindfulness for personal wellbeing

Detox Water- Mindful: container, the store, the components, and the body

  Spring is here and the warm weather is soon to follow ( not suggesting that there wasn’t horrifying high temperatures in the winter as well…) With that in mind we can anticipate sweating and wearing less clothes. We can use the heat and sweat in our favor as our bodies are expelling all of the … Continue reading Detox Water- Mindful: container, the store, the components, and the body

Advanced Sustainable Life-Styles

Alright! Lets talk about taking the next step in being mindful on behalf of the environment, its inhabitants, and the earth we all share 🙂 Energy Conservation in your home In my house we don't pay a dime for the heating electric in our home over the winter. By purchasing a cord of seasoned fire wood, … Continue reading Advanced Sustainable Life-Styles

Create More Consume Less

Today's post is  an opportunity for mindfulness like none other. "If you are not creating... you're consuming" I first heard the statement "if you are not creating you are consuming" from a minimalists podcast; which I recommend if you are interested in minimalism.  The concept of creating more as opposed to consuming is this: the … Continue reading Create More Consume Less

Spicy 3 Bean Vegan Chili; Warm Soul, Clear Sinus

As we know from the Introduction to Mindful Living  post in order to reach homeostasis and feel better in every way, we must be mindful of our bodies in a holistic manner.The ingredient's of this chili provide The entire process will take about an hour or so. The ingredients of this chili provide- Nutritional Value Boosted … Continue reading Spicy 3 Bean Vegan Chili; Warm Soul, Clear Sinus