How to Run a Beach Clean Up: Easy!

It is so easy to put together a beach clean up. Two weeks ago I turned to members of my organization and said “do you guys want to do a beach clean-up?” and they said “yes”. Today we had about 20-30 people join us in collecting tons of trash!

  1. Location
    1. The boardwalk is a great place to do the beach clean up because you can get support from bystanders, raise environmental awareness, and potentially fundraise here.
    2. The boardwalk is also good because lunch is near by and the group can enjoy some more bonding experience over some well deserved grub!
    3. Boardwalks have a lot of traffic which causes a lot of trash to fly onto the beach. Also restaurants that serve near or on the boardwalk cause a lot of straws to get into the sand.

The most successful beach clean up I have organized yet was located in the Rockaway’s of NY. This was due to a variety of factors, most of which involved our co-hosts.

Proximity is key. We are an organization that is located along the coast, so a beach trip is very accessible to us.

2. Pick a date

Here are few elements that are generally successful for this.

  1. Weekends
  2. Mornings / early afternoons.
  3. Fall. Post high traffic time = lots of waste remaining, and not so hot!

3. Target an audience of attendees

  1. Coordinate this with an existing organization or club.
  2. Get involved with Surf Rider Foundation which has chapters across the US Nation.
  3. Have a school sponsor it.
  4. Create a community service incentive.

4. Prepare Supplies

  1. Reusable gloves.
  2. Reusable and durable bags.
  3. Table for sorting trash vs. recyclables.
  4. Literature on proper recycling.
  5. Water (Boxed or large jug for reusable bottles)
  6. Light snacks in case anyone did not eat and becomes faint
  7. First-aid kit incase of cuts from sharp trash or other.
  8. Camera!

5. Know where to dispose of the collected trash and recyclables!

Call your local municipalities in the area of the beach clean up.

If you do it on the boardwalk you can separate trash and recycling on site, assuming the boardwalk offers both cans.

Good luck!






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