Package Free Shop

Fellow environmentalists, minimalists, and zero-waste wanna bes… your dream shop has arrived in Williamsburg Brooklyn as of May 1st 2017.

A fantasy green shop turned reality. Two zero waste specialists join forces to create the ultimate one-stop life-style change shop.

Lauren Singer, of Trash is for Tossers, is known to be the pioneer of zero-waste living. With all of the non-recyclable, non-compostable, trash she has made in the last few YEARS in one 16 oz mason jar. Along side of co-CEO Daniel Silverstein of Zero Waste Daniel a fashion designer who uses textile waste and creates thoughtful and edgy designs completely zero-waste, and actually reuses waste from other fashion factories.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 5.58.59 PM

Package Free Co is focused on building a sense of community where anyone and everyone interested in living a more sustainable, organic, and simple life are welcome. All items being sold are useful in daily life. They will be selling items like Cuppow, reusable beverage containers, showcasing Bureo, skateboards made out of recycled fishing nets, and  sustain, organic, fair trade, condoms and lubricants. The shop will also be selling artisan spice racks, cutting boards, organic baby clothes.

Not only does each specific brand vow to produce the highest quality good in each niche, they support the crucial movement to higher conscious living, and align perfectly with the missions and morals of all ‘zero waster’s’. Nothing less is to be expected considering each brand was carefully chosen by CEO’s Lauren and Daniel themselves.

The shop’s goal is to make it easy for guests to find themselves, what they need, and what is useful for them by keeping brand competition and clutter to a minimum. To further educate all guests and clients there will be I-pads with videos discussing each item in the most transparent and interesting way.

Package Free Shop hopes to serve community members by offering store tours and private shopping experiences with both of the CEO’s of the company. It is the belief of all members of Package Free Shop that we are all equal, unique, and included.

Fortunately for all members of this community, guests and clients will get to experience even more interactive experiences at Package Free Shop. The incredibly innovative pop-up shop will host events, seminars, ‘how to’s’, and may more elite sustainable living learning opportunities. You can look out for fashion week, home-style, and much more at Package Free Shop opening to the public May 1st through July 31st!

So excited to visit the shop for events, and to purchase reusable, environmentally sustainable, and organic items to supplement my life in a mindful way 🙂




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