Sustainable Practices- Reuse by DIY Rag Rug (How To)

I couldn’t stand to throw away all of these garments I had collected throughout my life.

This isn’t because I am emotionally attached to these items ( quite the opposite) in fact I needed to get this clutter out of my life, but I couldn’t let these items end up in a landfill.

After all of the events I have participated in, volunteered for, purchased clothes for, etc, I have collected hundreds of free t-shirts and cheap outfits for one nights party. Despite common knowledge our giant clothing bags that we try to donate often times can not be accepted at local thrift stores due to an overwhelming amount of donations.

To learn that the good deed of donating clothes was yet another good idea put to waste by excessive materialism, I was very disheartened. I have so many things I don’t want, and I can’t even make sure someone in needs get them, and not the trash can.

My mom tried to encourage me suggesting that our donated items get sent to countries abroad… but once again I was sad to share with her that, as I had recently learned from an excellent documentary on the clothing industry called The True Cost , countries like Hati are actually burdened by the overwhelming income of textile waste and cheap clothes sent from the USA. I also was reminded of the disturbing fact that the average person generates 4.3 pounds of waste per day.

An inexpensive, and useful solution to recycling used garments is below!

I came across the DIY Shag Rag Rug. This rug requires only two materials beyond the clothes that you are seeking to re-purpose.  You don’t need a sewing machine, needle and thread, or much of anything besides the two items listed below.

Scissors and a non-stick/ slid mat.

I highly recommend this practice for anyone with a tight budget, a lot of stuff, or a mindful outlook!

Here is a great article on Everyday Art, an example that I referred to to work on my rug.  Click Here !


I hope that you are able to utilize this article to your benefit and add a nice comfortable, environmentally sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing addition to your living space. Better yet, if you find yourself seeking a great, thoughtful gift, this is a great way to close the loop and repurpose items. – Mindful tip- Don’t wrap your gift with traditional wrapping methods. Instead try a paper bag or no wrapping at all!








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