Go Green in Big Business

I am currently inspired by a large success at Monmouth University, my school. Due to ceaseless efforts, Monmouth has agreed to redevelop their sustainability council. This will lock them into a 10 year plan of eco- revolutionizing this private university.

The tipping point was after a discussion with the president and facilities management board member. We looked at all of the energy plans, energy consumption, costs, square foot, and ways we could implement clean energy. Over all the efforts Monmouth has taken and vows to take will propel their image as an institution for higher education, as well as save them money.

yes save money…

Going green at your business can save money in many ways!

As if saving the planet was the only incentive, the funds that can be saved by these implementations can result in thousands of dollars saved annually. By using renewable energy, you can lower your dependence on fossil fuels, save money,  and reduce your carbon foot-print.

Ditch styrofoam and plastic

  • Say good-bye to non-renewable water jugs and hello to water refill stations. Those water jugs are actually made out of a plastic that is non recyclable, so not only are you creating tons of waste with every cup a person uses, but also the jugs themselves are masses inside a landfill that can take hundreds of years to break down.

A water refill station can be installed just like a water fountain. These stations save thousands of bottles from going to the landfill, and SAVE MONEY!

As a business you will lead customers and employees to sustainable practices, reduce your industrial waste, and save money. This is sure to please employees who will save hundreds over time that would have otherwise been spent on plastic bottles over their time with your company.


When it comes time to design or update your bathroom be sure to invest in green technologies in your bathroom.

  • Water saving toilets and faucets will protect the precious resource of clean water, and lower your water costs over time.
  • You can also ditch paper towel dispensers and instead have hand blow dryers. There are some on the market today that will flawlessly dry hands while reducing tons of trash. This will save you money for paper towels, and trash bags for the tons of paper people mindlessly waste. Not to mention when someone is satisfied with their hands dryness they will pull away and energy use will cease. When people pull paper towels they clog, make your bathrooms look bad, and they often take too much.



  • Implementing a rain garden will look beautiful for your exterior, support the water cycle, protect local watersheds from run-off and pollutants, AND protect your clients from flooded path ways!
  • Permeable pavers. For the same reasons as the rain garden, reduce flooding with attractive permeable pavers. They look great, last long, and keep customers happy with dry feet as they enter your building! SO worth the money.
  • Permeable parking lot. A flooded parking lot does not start a business to client interaction positively. Avoid this with a parking lot paved with permeable surfaces. This is great for the environment and your business!

Rethink marketing

We are always trying to be creative in marketing, so rethinking is no new concept. This time the innovation is for the purpose of protecting the environment!

  • Sayonara to physical news letters! Stop with the snail mail and promote your business online. Studies show that physical mail is not reaching the purposed audiences and that instead these materials are wasted right in the trash. Save your business effort and money by focusing more on the medium that reaches the people… the internet! Social media continues to rise and sets the agenda for the public, switching your focus to these outlets is worth while for more than your time and money, but also the earth 🙂
  • Useless promotional items fill up landfills and are a waste of money. Stop ordering mini-calendars, stress balls, pens etc. Instead transition to useful items that are reusable, innovative, and planet friendly. Give away food. This will leave a positive impression in the minds of your clients and increase the likely hood of return (psychologically proven). Package free, fresh food, has the potential to be composted and eaten and have a great benefit on the relationship with you and your clients. Consider reusable straws or bottles. These are products people need, and may not know it. By giving these items away it shows your customers you are considerate and gives them an opportunity to rethink their consumption habits. This will result in a lasting line of positive change.
  • A menu of services and products on a wall. People can look at this and decide without looking at materials in hand. This can save money, look good, and increase credibility. People are less likely to argue with a price on a wall than they are with a paper menu. Plus those menus are prone to damage, and loss.

Rethink transportation

This one is a bit difficult, but I wanted to add it for the purpose of encouraging you as the business operator to consider.

  • Are there public transportation options?
  • Do you have a bike rack?
  • Can your faculty members develop a car-pooling system?
  • Are your delivery methods sustainable? – The method of transportation, vehicle, route etc.?

There are many simple ways to make huge differences over time.

I’d love to consult with you in regards to technologies, business plans, and more to redevelop your sustainability. This can save money, increase your client base, result in a happier staff, and make a significant change in the environment.








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