Mindful Eating Tips

Chew your food until it becomes liquid. I do this habitually as a test to see how difficult it will be for my body to break down the substances I am trying to eat. My grandma used to say to chew 100 x. ( that was only because I used to eat as quickly as I could because I am a freak for food). Once I ate a Snyders pretzel and after minutes of chewing it still wasn’t liquid and at that point I realized just how hard my body has to work to break down that fake substance. Further more, digestion begins in the mouth. Our saliva contains digestive enzymes that help break down food, so to help your body chewing your food is a must.

Eat in an area without any additional stimulus

Music, off. Lights, dim. TV, off. The goal is the allow yourself a special time to be grateful for the food you have and give yourself the calm environment where you can have an experience of exchanging energy from food to your body. Doing this will curb hunger later, relax, and destress you as well as keep that digestive system moving smoothly. On my birthday I went to a restaurant and politely asked them to turn the TV off. We were in a separate dining room and were surrounded with multiple TVs. Not only did this distract from eating, but it distracted from the conversation between my friends and I. When they turned it off we were all relieved and happier.

Be grateful

The old family tradition of saying grace is one to keep my friends. Not only do I like to do it to worship God and Jesus for saving me and giving me life after death, but I am so happy to be fortunate enough to have food in the first place. When we realize how sacred food is and has been throughout human history we take time to savor it more. When we take our time we not only feel happier and less stressed, but we also experience weight loss because over eating becomes more difficult when you appreciate every bite.

Eating Vegetables Rule of Thumb

First of all Buy local groceries if possible. It is easier for your body to consume produce local to you because the growing season aligns with the state of your body and what it needs; i.e specific pollen and allergens in your area both you and the produce have been introduced to. Secondly, purchase organic. At this time I can’t even politely encourage organic eating. I must implore you to eat organic for the sake of your own body! * I recently learned that genetically modified produce have been modified so the cell wall is stronger and pests can’t penetrate the flesh of the vegetable as easily. This means when humans consume it this gene in the plant will bind the wall of our stomachs, which is meant to be permeable for nutrients to pass through, and halt that process. Not only that but the chemicals sprayed on this produce contains carcinogenics and chemicals proven to have caused health effects and deformity in people. Wash your vegetables to make sure there are no chemicals, organic waste, or anything that can make you sick!


Sugar is a known carcinogenic. It is time to be very strict with where you allow your sugar consumption to come from. I recommend keeping it strictly to fruit which has a lot of natural sugar on its own. There are also a lot of products that contain hidden sugars and that is your greatest enemy. Remember to look at breads, pastries and more for that. Not to mention the granola bars, health bars, crackers etc. Sugar is every where, but processed is the worst.




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