Mindful Eating

disclaimer this is personal based out of my own life and research.

There are many reasons for changing ones diet. To lose weight, to tone up, to deal with sickness, and allergy, finances, ethics and much more.

Today I eat clean because I feel that I must. My stomach has been weakened to the point where if  I ate an ice-cream cone or a handful of pretzels I would curl up in a ball imagining that the end had finally come. Pangs of gut-wrenching pain and nausea, headaches, confusion, constipation, you name it.

Naturally the things we put in our body affect it, so why don’t we focus more on the components within the things we consume and the effects that we know those components have on the human body? If food has the ability to keep us alive, bring us through a marathon, fuel us for the day, and make us deathly ill, shouldn’t we be more mindful of our consumption habits?

As I realized I developed a serious infection in my stomach, urinary track, and intestines I had no alternative but to start using food as medicine. It is an Ayurvedic belief that with a good diet there is no necessary medicine. Though western medicine suggested antibiotics, I firmly believe that the over use of antibiotics is extremely dangerous for your health. Not only does antibiotic use generally result in yeast infections, kill the good bacteria that we need, and wear out our natural defense system, but it makes our immunity to these antibiotics grow so disease is more likely to harm us, remain in our systems, and destroys our stomachs!

As a women who has tried veganism I can say that a dramatic diet shift is difficult and at times dangerous. I am currently vegetarian because I will not support the meat-industry. Workers in the industry are depressed, aggressive and suicidal, the animals are the same, and the consumer is likely to develop cancers in the stomach by consuming hormones and antibiotics second-hand. It is very difficult to cut meats out ones diet… especially when you are raised to believe that slices of animal muscle in plastic with a sticker of a happy cow makes sense. Not only that, but it is environmentally harmful with CO 2 emissions, cost to transfer, waste run-off, habitat degradation etc.

None the less I digress. With my history of substantial meat consumption, chips, ho-ho’s, pretzels, ice-cream, cheese, antibiotics, gmo grocery, and more, my stomach is a sensitive system that relies on my discipline and clean eating to function regularly.

The way the United States is encouraged to consume, and the things that they are being sold, are crimes against humanity. We believe three large meals a day is the best way to eat and therefore eating a few more is not a problem. We believe that soda may not be great but at dinner every day ‘wont  kill me’, we believe that cow’s milk makes us healthy and is necessary for human children. With so many messages promoting products that are designed to support corporate interest how can we protect ourselves and our children?

As I struggle to overcome the infections (that I believe to be a result of Leaky Gut) I can’t even go out to eat to most places and find an option that is safe to consume.

While cutting sugar out of my diet I would fantasize about it,  crave it, and want to shove a full donut in my mouth, but it will make me sick. One time I actually did shove a chocolate donut in my mouth and have to say to myself if I swallow this I will be sick and hurting. This taste is a lie and is not good for me. I then spit the donut out… YUCK! There are so many advertisements for foods that are composed of extremely harmful ingredients and I still want them. Mind control? Well here we exchange that for Mindfulness.

So how am I overcoming an infection causes by the way I am told to live?  By choosing to think to be mindful of every bite I take, when I take it, where it is from, and what it is in.


I eat flowering vegetables, I eat organic, I won’t eat processed sugar or breads, no processed snacks, more baking soda or lemon water, more apple cider vinegar, I eat fermented vegetables, drink aloe with peppermint oil juice, take probiotic, sleep more, eat less.

There are specific and educated reasons why each of those things I will or will not consume and how I do it, but for now we will end here. It is vital to your health that you eat healthy because you understand how what you put into your  body is what keeps you alive. Our bodies don’t deserve to go into a food coma on the couch to sustain the gluten that has been marketed to us.

I wrote this to give readers a better understanding of my background experience and general opinion on mindful eating. Within the next few days I will post more about what is good to eat and why, and also tips to be mindful through the eating process.



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