Detox Water- Mindful: container, the store, the components, and the body


Spring is here and the warm weather is soon to follow ( not suggesting that there wasn’t horrifying high temperatures in the winter as well…) With that in mind we can anticipate sweating and wearing less clothes. We can use the heat and sweat in our favor as our bodies are expelling all of the junk we have stored up in ourselves over the winter. In order to aid our bodies in the detox process you must drink lots and lots of water. The water fuels the systems that run our bodily function, hydrates us to feel better, and also flushes out unwanted toxins and substances.

Here is a link of some awesome detox recipes

The idea is that in order to achieve your goals with the detox you should be very mindful of what you are putting into your water. You know how it goes… ‘You get out what you put in’😉

Different detox purposes calls for different components.

Here are just a few

Digestive Aids-

  • Lemon, Orange, and Mint
  • Mango, Cucumber, and Ginger

Anti-Inflammatory and Detox

  • Grape, Raspberry, Cucumber,
  • Pineapple, Lemon, and Pomegranate.

Weight and Sugar Control

  • Ginger, Cucumber, Lemon
  • Lemon, Lime, Green Tea

Lower Blood Pressure

  • Kiwi Fruit, Guava, Passion Fruit,
  • Pomegranate, Cherry, Kiwi Fruit

Metabolism Booster

  • Cinnamon, Green Tea, Strawberry
  • Lemon, Mint

Antioxidants- Vitamin Reach

  • Orange, Strawberry, Cranberry
  • Blueberry, Apple, Raspberry

Johnson, K ( October 12, 2015) When Life Gives you Lemons, Bottle Them up!


Benefits to cucumber water – ( Add Specific Fruit and Veggies for different vitamins and purposes)

  • Helps Hydrate you – Cucumbers hold extra water but more importantly you are more likely to drink it when it has yummy veggies.
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Curbs appetite
  • Soothes the skin
  • Helps your muscles
  • Could have anti-cancer benefits

Wash your veggies!

It’s extremely important to wash your fruit and vegetables because the skin likely is covered in multiple contaminants ( you can avoid deadly toxins like herbicides and pesticides by seeking out organic produce) fecal matter, and other organic matter is possible. You don’t want to drink that!

Be Conscious of where your produce is from

As mentioned previously in  my article on organic vs gmo I reviewed the extreme importance of supporting sustainable agriculture. If you are trying to detox and enjoy a healthy glass of water GMO produce will instead release toxins in your body, and has much less nutritional value. Also though I mentioned exotic tropical fruit I don’t actually recommend consuming these fruits regularly at all. Most of these fruit come from areas of the world so far that tons of toxic fuel is released into our atmosphere to get that fruit to us. If the carbon foot-print isn’t enough to persuade you, keep in mind as well that many fruit and vegetables are most beneficial when they are local to your area. When they’re local they live in the same environment, deal with the same pollen, and can be the best for you… and the planet. Remember to support local organic farmers. The Monsanto monopoly on our food security is quickly and insidiously endangering us with every GMO produce we purchase.

Like minds for discovery purposes #friends

I also want to add how important it is to surround yourself with people who share your interests. Because of my friendship with Justin I have been introduced to multiple resources of information, and lifestyle tips I would other wise not have been exposed to. We are able to enjoy conversations with each other where we are learning from one another and happy to support… Maybe if you find the right thing they will make you a detox water!

My friend Justin is currently trying to detox while on our yoga challenge. He is implementing cardio vascular exercise, visiting the sauna, and now making detox water. The images shown is actually the sweet little delight he made for me.

Re-Usable ‘Cup’

Another reason I am writing today is to show my sweet reusable glass jar that comes with a reusable straw. I love to get juices and shakes from this organic grocer near by but I couldn’t buy them comfortably because of the amount of plastic waste that is a result of purchasing and consuming this project. When I found that they had a glass jar and re-usable straw that also provides a discount on their juices I was through the roof excited. Props to Deans Natural Food Market!

Look at a stack of cups at the coffee store. Imagine how sleeve after sleeve these cups are given out to one of the billions of people in the world at a time. Even worse is that these cups are going to be buried in a place where trees and animals once lived, or burned where people who live near by will suffer adverse health affects. Most of the containers we believe to be recyclable are either not disposed of properly or ever making it to the factory, or not recyclable at all.

Here is a chart of what plastics you can and can not recycle.


My greatest enemy is the straw. I find them to be useless and destructive to the earth. Though I understand they are pleasurable, and for some with serious jaw injuries and other handicaps necessary, I can not appreciate their existence. It is my hope and goal to phase out straws on a legislative level. Citizens will cope fine with having to use a glass without a plastic tube of destruction… Forgive me for digressing… none the less, if you love animals and marine life, plants, or yourself you would agree that straws are nothing but bad!

Check out this rad business that sells re-usable straws. It is run by a bunch of olympian women who snow-board, surf, and ski! – 



Thank you for your time today.

I hope that you purchase your fruit and veg from a local farmers market, its in season, you wash it thoroughly and support your communities economy, enjoy in a reusable container, and experience the relief and lightness you are seeking by consuming this water!




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