Fun Activity to Bring You Closer to Nature

Peanut Butter Pine Cone

Homemade Bird feeder

For those of you lucky enough to have birds still flying around your area… why not have a little crafty fun today and also support local wild-life!

Due to urban sprawl and the outstanding sum that is the human population many animals are endangered and extinct. “Many bird species rely on our backyard feeders today to survive”.  

Hines , S. (2015 March 14) What Birds in Suburbia Need from people

In my backyard I have Cardinals, Blue-jays, Robins, Junco, Grosbeak, Redheaded Woodpecker, and many more! I can attribute their sweet presence and tweets in my life to my mothers dedication to feeding them with wild seed throughout every season.

Today I am going to share with you an activity I recall doing from my child-hood. This activity is fun for adults, a date, time with family, and to teach children about wildlife! & It is SO EASY, QUICK AND CHEAP!

As many of us have noticed, a life without nature is dark and aimless. When we reconnect with the life and light that outside and flourishing areas in nature we find happiness and peace.

I also want to add a reminder before we begin. NEVER feed birds bread. It is harmful to their health and offers no nutritional value. Don’t believe me? Check out

What you will need

Twine- ( or thick string)

Peanut Butter

A Pine cone from outside

Wild Bird Seed

( refer to humane society link about for other safe foods for birds)

Lets do it!

First- First Find a pine cone outside!

This can be lots of fun with little kids running around and finding the biggest pine cone or holding a bunch in their arms.

Tie the string to the cone

Next cover the pine cone in peanut butter.

For $ sake any is fine ( but for mindful consumption avoid brands of peanut butter you recognize. Many contain substances that are killing you).

Finally Coat the Cone in the seed !

I rolled mine directly in the bag, but you can sprinkle it on, use a bowl, or get creative in anyway you see fit.

Hang it up for the critters!


Time spent with family and friends in nature is irreplaceable. You can not be happy and fulfilled without balance in your life with sunshine, water, and loved ones. This is scientifically proven!

As always I appreciate your visit. Find me on social media for more tips & pics. I hope you have a great time feeding precious wildlife!

Remember we must protect the innocent.


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