Create More Consume Less

Today’s post is  an opportunity for mindfulness like none other.

“If you are not creating… you’re consuming”

I first heard the statement “if you are not creating you are consuming” from a minimalists podcast; which I recommend if you are interested in minimalism. 

The concept of creating more as opposed to consuming is this: the more time you spend watching videos, listening to music, reading books, or any thing you focus on inhabits the brain space and function that could be used for creating things. 

The scary thing about unconscious consumption is how it has become a tool for businesses and advertisers to control what you think about.

The more sexy women you scroll past in your feed the more you desire that in your life or desire to be that. The more TV you watch the more advertisements you are exposed to. The more time you spend scrolling through peoples Facebook images the less time you spend living your life and creating memories of your own.

There is also the concept of agenda setting. What you consume shapes your perspective on the world and its happenings. If you see messages about how the women’s march in DC caused lots of issues and produced lots of trash, you may be turned off to the movement; however if you were creating a poster of your own for the event, and went yourself you would have created something meaningful in the world and understood in person without any alternative bias to shape your opinions. Over all to allow our opinions be based solely from things we have observed or been told is a shallow perspective that inhibits you from experiencing the depth of life.

So as an act of self love I encourage anyone reading to try to create a piece of art as a form of expression at least once a week. By doing so you are growing your mind and levels of happiness.

At least once a week take time aside for yourself

 let your mind run away in a journal

Sing the thoughts in your head out loud..loudly

Spend some time with an instrument

Take a pencil and sketch out anything you see or what ever you can imagine

work on graphic design 

Go somewhere you enjoy and take photographs

Stitch together a series of clips and create a short film

dance around outside or in your house

color a picture book

the more creative and outlandish may be the better

The importance for Creation

What ever it is that you can do as a form of expression and creative outlet for the sake of your brain and happiness do so!

Yes I said brain! Creating things increase neural plasticity, enhances memory, relieves stress, and regulates your hormones, and increases intelligence! Amazing how the body works.

Happiness- Like I mentioned with all that good stuff going on in the brain from you taking time for yourself to create, stress is receives, and mood is boosted!

With reference to the introduction to mindful living posts I remind you all . We need to consider Mind, Body, and Spirit while we pursue our interests and lead our lives. Allowing the creative intuition and capabilities of your mind to be expressed by psychical acts of art, dance, and song to name a few is an example of a more mindful connection between mind, body, and spirit.

Thank you for reading if you have anything to add.. Reach out!



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