Sustainable Living- First Steps!


To begin, your interest in living sustainable is admirable and exciting!

coming-soonIn this post I will provide you with a couple of tips to keep in mind if you are looking to reduce your carbon foot-print and take better care of the environment.

You will be amazed at how you feel better mentally and physically by taking the time to be mindful for the sake of your health and the environments. 

First for beginners I’ll break it down into a list of digestible life-style changes to make little differences in our lives that make big impacts! In the future we will have more advanced methods of mindful and sustainable living.

Beneath we will review a list of creative ways to conserve energy and live sustainably that require a bit more mindfulness.

#1) Mindful Water Use/ Bottle Update 

Simple mindful tasks all save gallons of precious water.

  • running full loads of laundry
  • fully loaded dishwasher
  •  turning the faucet off while you shave in the shower and brush your teeth
  • If Possible replacing toilet and shower-head for a better water conserving model

My friend, chances are extremely likely if you are in one of the 50 states of America your bottled water is nothing more that tap water from a neighboring state ( or even more likely… your own). So don’t waste your money on water that has plastic toxins leeched in, take it from the tap, and filter it additionally if you like!

Instead: Just snag a re-usable bottle and you’ve just saved the environment so much more that you’re probably aware.

There are even really neat ideas for repurposing plastic water bottles for useful household items and out-door decorations if you are interested in taking that step!water-b

3# Rethink Coffee Consumption Habits


Kick those one time use cups to the curb! Those coffee cup lids are not recyclable, they are bad for the environment, and the steam rising from your coffee leads to toxins being released directly into your beverage!

Bring a thermos everywhere.

I recommend rinsing it out after each use so you can leave it in you car or backpack and never find yourself without it.

Plastic Stirrers- We gotta stop with those my friends.

If you can’t be bothered to ditching the cups, at least don’t use those plastic straws to stir your coffee. Think about all those little critters that are killed by this. If that doesn’t bother you, think about how you will consume plastic when you eat any marine life.

#2) shop smarter

Its time to say sayonara to plastic shopping bags!

If you are getting one or two items there is no way you can’t carry that without the bag. You could probably carry much more hands free than you expect anyway. The amount of plastic in the ocean is destroying our planets bio-diversity, ecosystems, and human health. Plastic shopping bags are a fairly unnecessary luxury that have major consequences.

Try Re-usable bags, or re-using bags you have already gotten

If you get bags. Please don’t throw them away… instead just reuse them. Kitty litter, min-garbage bag, bathroom and room trash bags, and travel bags for toiletries!



The fashion industry is designed to keep you buying. Start being mindful about what items actually compliment your life-style and interests. The less you change your wardrobe the less waste you create when the styles change, and less over-production will follow by these huge fashion industries.

  • Cease purchasing
  • Donate items you are no longer interested in
  • buy used furniture and clothes

Email Receipts, bank statements, and bills!

Forget about losing important papers, reprinting, purchasing more items to organize…

  • Switch to online storage of your receipts after purchase if the store allows.
  • Go through your bank to reroute your statements to e-mail
  • Call the service that is sending you bills and ask them to forward your mail online.

#3) diet change

Of course this one can be scary because food is life, but our modern agricultural system and meat industry is outrageously unsustainable. First of all the amount of water that is used to grow crops and the amount of crops used to feed animals to deliver a small portion of meat ( that an individual will likely over-indulge) is destroying acres of land and depleting the most precious resource we have. No need to be extreme in your diet change, if everyone who consumes meat restricted it to a couple of days a week an incomparable amount of energy and resources could be preserved.

#4) Purchase food and care items mindfully


Fair-Trade- The fair trade label is on packaging of an item and ensures consumers that the item was cultivated in an environmentally, and socially sustainable way. For more details, click the fair trade words and check out their web-site!


Organic- Consuming products that are organic is vitally important in the sustainability in our planet. There is a large monopoly being developed in our seeds and agricultural system. As consumers our only way to protect the nutritional value of the food, and the safety of our planet and wildlife we have to purchase items that aren’t coated in toxins killing our pollinators and species around the globe.

There is much more the be said about why this is important, but for now just look for the label in order to consume more mindfully and protect our planet.

To learn more about the importance of organic you can look at my previous post – GMO vs Organic.

#5) Transform your forms of Transportation


No gas at all- Depending on your location it could really help your life if you utilize that old rusty bicycle in the shed and give her a ride! Reducing your emissions from ceasing auto-mobile use at such a high level will not only be better for our atmosphere, reduce extraction of fossil fuels, and reduce the command which will encourage these huge corporations to look for alternative methods in order to regain consumer support.

This will also give you good exercise, a form of stress relief, and a positive feeling knowing that you are making a direct difference in the world. 

Of course if that is not practical for you, public transportation and carpooling are two popular alternatives that reduce your carbon-footprint.

For more advanced forms of mindful behavior in order to live sustainably- return this Sunday  for that post!

Thanks for reading, and if you have anything to add please reach out!



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