GMO a Global Take-Over


There is a prequel to this blog that describes the basics of GMO vs Organic, but if you think you got the gist…

check out some details on the global controversy.

Privilege and Ability


An argument many people pushing for organic produce hear is that ‘it sounds great but I can’t afford it’. As I mentioned before you will benefit more from one organically farmed item than multiple of a gmo crop. Considering the dangerous possibilities gmo crops have proven to have on living beings digestive systems (farm animals and humans alike) you will ultimately save money when you aren’t going to get reconstructive surgery on your bowel. It is unfortunate that the destructive manufacturing that the GMO crop has become makes it so inexpensive to purchase. The lack of quality and nutrition allows the costs to be affordable to most citizens, but at their own demise. The longer GMO develops and organic is choked out in the market and biologically the more difficult it is to access our right to organic food without paying top dollar for it.


Oddly depending on where you live you may either only ever be introduced to Gmo produce or only see organic being sold by your local farmer.

Purchasing local produce is the healthiest way to consume because our bodies are in tune with the seasons and weather patterns. Eating the crops that grow in that season is the earth’s natural balance and ability to provide humans with the necessary nutrients to live in that time of year. An example would be the need for energy and up-lifting nutrients that can be found in produce that grows in the winter.

Of course, the less your produce needs to travel the better quality and life span it will have.

Gmo crops have been found to last disturbingly unnatural lengths of time without withering. This is a financial asset and benefit from a businesses stand-point. Once again the product is going to yield more profit if it has longer time to be sold. 

Organic crops decompose in a healthy and natural way though it is within less time than GMO.

The reality of the produces decomposing process exemplifies why location is so important in eating organically or not. If you have access to organic produce near by you can get it from vine to your kitchen within enough time to eat it while it is still good. If the product is traveling from another country ( as they often do for GMO) they can last freakish lengths of time crossing paths with tons of pathogens and chemicals before they reach the super market and eventually get brought home by an unaware consumer. Key word ‘unaware’ since we are reviewing this topic in an effort to be mindful of our consumption 🙂

Make sure to wash your produce no matter what! – Bugs can be found in organic produce, chemicals and disease could be found on GMO! YUM!

world wide food security


Our planet is nearing its maximum threshold for human life.

If everyone consumed resources like the citizens of the United States of America we would need approximately 4 more earths in just one day!

With this in mind we can really understand that the human race has over populated our planet and the earth is struggling to provide enough resources for the 7+ billion members of the world. Everyone needs to eat therefore we had to develop the technology to farm in a way that would provide the highest yield, even if it was at the ultimate expense of the consumer, they would at least have access to some basic level of nutrition.

World Protests


GMO has waged a war in scientific, agricultural, and rural communities.

Because we as the human race have been experimenting with GMO for such a short amount of time the exact repercussions are yet unknown.

It is said that once a crops GMO DNA interacts with the natural biology of the naturally occurring crop the DNA can be permanently mutated. This is frightening because as a race we are already destroying our earths biodiversity, but to permanently alter out foods chemical make-up is frightening.

The reality is large corporations and governments are buying farm land or forcibly removing people from it in order to hold a monopoly on our food sources.

Here is a link of a few stories in regards to the millions of people who globally marched against Monsanto –


Any time in history the freedom of choice has been revoked from citizens ability their rights have been infringed upon. Monstanto is a multi-national biotechnological company that owns 90% of GMO seeds as well as owns Round-Up the heavily toxic herbicide and pesticide.

In order to sell their pesticides Monsanto needed to provide a super crop that could survive such toxic material. Poisons that upon consumption could and will kill a human. That is why GMO crops are scary because these poisons coat our food that we readily consume. Even more frightening is Monstanto is now suing farms that are infected by their gmo seed that blows over into their feild. By putting other agricultural buisnesses out of the market, owning most of the world seeds, and regulating these dangerous chemicals to their benefit all of our safety and ability to consume what used to be a human right will fall into the power of one single corportation globally. SO SCARY!



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