Mindful Mornings for Peaceful Days


Mood Boosting and Day Brightening Morning tips!

The way our morning begins can often set the precedent for our entire day. That is why today we will discuss some tips to keep waking up on the wrong side of the bed a simple moment and not a whole day experience.


Waking up early

The advice I am sure someone who would prefer to sleep on an off day would not like to hear… but arguably the most helpful advice I can give.

Don’t stress about being late, finding parking,  and not having time to eat. Instead, get out of the house early and get where your going as calmly as possible.

Meditation in the morning


Mentally prepare for the day, battle stress and be kind to yourself. Taking a few moments to breath or read some positive poems, listen to music you enjoy, or spending time in the word if you are spiritual can transform your day. When you are patient with yourself and focus on light and love, it shines in all of your interactions. Attached below is an article that discusses tips to successful meditation.


Getting a little exercise in early will not only change your day, but it can change your life! Getting to the gym or motivating ourselves to get moving can be hard at any time of the day, so starting early can be just as easily achieved. When you get a little sweat on you will feel proud of your self, healthier, and get your blood flowing. This will make your brain work better and boost your mood 🙂 Leading to a happy and productive day.


This is something we should be doing everyday yet don’t. This can help digestion, improve your move, and relieve you of the pain from sitting at a desk or tirelessly working. Increased flexibility will be a long term positive result from this practice. My personal favorite is morning yoga. Check out Yoga With Adrienne for her morning yoga sequence for some simply and positive yoga.

Coffee or Tea


We all know coffee has its positive and negative health affects, but over all we can all use a little pick me up in the morning. I look forward to a cup of tea or joe every morning as a way to take a couple minutes for myself while I do meditation. If you think of it as more than a beverage and instead as a moment for you to enjoy and delight in something that will uplift you, it can make your day even better.

Good Meal

Something most of us have been guilty of before is skipping out on breakfast ( the most important meal of the day they say). It is such a good idea to have a well balanced breakfast in order to give your body the fuel to  continue your day ahead as well as for the purpose of replenishing the nutrients and energy used over the course of your sleep cycle. If your body is fueled up properly you will see a significant improvement in your mood. A good simple breakfast idea would be a big bowl of steel cut oats with some fruit of your choice. It is so simple yet gives you a little bit of that fuel you’ll need. If you have more time you might make an omelet with veggies for even more of those nutrients your body craves.

thumbnail_fileIf you have any comments or anything to add please reach out!

Hope you have a wonderful day!


P.S here is a link of some morning meditation tips- http://www.onemedical.com/blog/live-well/5-reasons-meditation/


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