Introduction to Mindful Living


What, Why, How?

A Holistic Approach

First of all… Welcome! Congratulations on taking this time for yourself to improve and focus on growth, health, and happiness. This post will reveal a little bit of everything we will try to learn about and work on together in future posts!

In a fast paced and over-stimulating world preserving your thoughts and actions for what your interested in makes the difference… That alone can introduce us to the why! But first…


Mindfulness- The practice of preserving and strategically applying mental energy and physical actions to align properly with ones purest desires and values.

A holistic approach Holistic is the term meaning in complete wholeness. While practicing mindfulness we will consider all parts of the body, hormonal releases, social and emotional stresses, as well as a conceptualizing the spirit. ( Mind, Body, Spirit)

Mindfulness is practiced in a lot of different religions and productive life-styles. Our minds our so powerful that the way we think can actually keep us alive or kill us! Ever heard of ‘died of a broken heart’? That exemplifies the concept that our mental and emotional energy are synergistic with our body and control our lives completely.


The key to mindfulness is using the MIND to take control of your life by thinking through all of your choices. Will this align with my values? Will this bring me happiness? Will this hurt me physically? Do I want this or need it? Can I handle being patient here? Lets get happy! Treat yo’ self !


Find yourself –When you practice blocking out the millions of messages that interfere with our mental energy daily ( like advertisements, labels, text messages, push notifications, television, radio etc.) and intently focus on what you want out of your day, life, education, career and more, you allow your true self to come to the surface and then you can happily pursue your own interests rather than the interests those pesky intervening messages are trying to sell you. 

De-stress- Living a life where you are practicing active consciousness can be tiring at times, but overall you will find a sense of acceptance, realization, and relaxation. When you learn what is important to you and focus on surrounding yourself with those things, the negative thoughts and stressful perception of life can just disappear from our lives and awareness all together. 

Battle Depression- Eating properly and practicing mindful tips (discussed below ‘mind’) may potential help lessen that heavy load keeping your energy down and bring that negativity to a more positive realm.

Healthier Body- When you become aware of your unconscious habits it will enable you to kick over-eating to the curb. Mindful living will encourage you to follow the behaviors that make you feel better. You may focus on eating the things that make you feel energized, and willingly exercise because it makes you up-beat, fulfilled, productive, and feel relieved from physical stress.

More succesful in career and relational pursuits Being mindful of those who surround you allows you to act kindly and respectfully being aware that they are also trying to get through life in the way they see fit. Is right and wrong universal? For the sake of higher consciousness we will say no for now. Being mindful of others individuality allows you to remove the feeling that you can control their actions ( leading to disappointment, anger and upset) and instead puts the focus on us being control over our own thoughts and actions. When you stop focusing on trying to predict how people will act, think, or feel about your actions or things pertaining to you, it allows you to act purely based off of what you think is right. Following your heart without outside influence allows you to feel whole, fulfilled, and satisfied without the need of outside intervention or support. Live and let live! Your friends will be glad you let them do what makes them happy. You will be happy if your career aligns purely with your beliefs rather than  acting from a set of values your boss upholds instead.

Healthier Mind, Body, and Spirit ! 🙂

My first challenging question for you is why not? As you take a moment to consider why practicing mindfulness would not be a good idea I can only imagine either a. you can’t think of any excuses  or b. a series of human weaknesses: laziness, added stress, inability to understand the usefulness etc that you are rationalizing to be a suitable excuse came to mind… Luckily for both of us I can’t be in your head, but I truly hope that as you pursue your journey connecting positive consciousness with your thoughts and behaviors you travel down a pleasant journeythat helps you get in touch with the truest you.


In this blog we will be focusing on connecting the mind, body, and spirit through the practice of mindfulness. When you break it into those three categories, though it may seem broad, it is quite literal and exact. In order to feed your mind and delight it focus your thoughts on subjects that interest you and bring light into your life. If the subject of your focus is dark and brings you through a mental rabbit hole of anxiety and darkness after  a few moments of consideration than its time to take control back! I recommend you acknowledge those thoughts to begin. If you are plagued by these dark feelings and thoughts allow yourself to hear them but begin the internal dialogue to put them to rest.


Who knew talking to yourself would be advice you would receive? When discussing the concept of internal dialogue it may seem a bit ‘crazy’  but for the sake of this blog ‘crazy’ is ‘normal’ and ‘normal’ is a crazy idea! How could a world with so many unique characteristics ever be ‘normal’?

Being mindful in a day in age where marketers prey on our unconsciousness and obedience, internal dialogue may be the easiest way to introduce hijacking your own thoughts back into your control.

The voices (thoughts) in your head that can say things like ” you look awful today” “no one cares” “Everything Sucks” or whatever it is that haunts you, you can now take control of by thinking through those thoughts. Rather than feeling anxious about the presence of that thought or feeling acknowledge it, accept it as a possibility, and then focus on the positive alternative and dwell in that place. Lets say I think to myself “you look so fat” and then I think in retaliation “that’s not true. That thought is a result of media consumption” and then the negativity may push back saying “we all consume the media therefore others think your fat”. Try to laugh at the persistent negativity  and accept the possibility that the situation is negative and then have the practice critical thinking. Apply the understanding that even if that negative thought was the worst thing that could happen its okay and life is good. If you practice accepting negative thoughts it is only fair you practice considering positive ones as well. ” Some boys like fat girls” “I love my body because I have no pain or disease and I am blessed” “I may not see myself clearly therefore my negative feeling aren’t reputable or worth considering any further”.


I believe that our negative emotions and thoughts often come from chemical and hormonal unbalance in our body. I believe the concept of feeling “Hangry” ( Hungry and angry) supports my thought process. There is also the concept “HALT” ( Hungry Angry Lonely Tired) that some people use as reminders that in those circumstances they may be especially vulnerable to upset. We can use your girlfriend’s ‘before she has had dinner’  behavior as an example; indecisive, confused, argumentative.

If we aren’t providing our bodies with the nutrition it requires we will not only suffer physical discomfort like a head ache, but mental discomfort like ‘ I hate every living being’ or ‘I want to die’.

It’s amazing that at this day in age we attempt to disconnect our emotions from our physical body when they are very much in tact. 

If you want to achieve and maintain happiness.. you need to be mindful when you consume food, go to sleep, and practice your hygiene and exercise rituals.


Some people may consider the spirit of oneself to be a very important part of themselves where others may not even give the thought a moment of consideration. In order to be relatable to all I ask you to consider, at the most shallow level, the possibility that the spirit is our conscious mind, personality, and emotions connected to our values. Others may go as deep to believe the spirit is a gift from an Ultimate supreme God. Regardless of your religious background it is difficult to deny the magnitutde of the amazing unknown of our mind and soul.

In my opinion a way of applying mindfulness to your spirit is to feed your spirit.

For me reading the bible is a method of feeding my spirit. I am a christian and find that the morals of love, oneness, forgiveness, and understanding that are presented in ‘the word’ resonate with me and bring me comfort and  overwhelming and warming peace.

Reading alone could be considered a method of meditation and therefore that alone lowers your heart-rate and redirects your energy to whatever subject you are invested in. I find that a spiritual manual like the bible provides me a healthy dose of humbling and love and focusing on those things brings me to a level of balance in the world that can be difficult to discover elsewhere.

For those of you who can’t relate to Christianity or religion in general… You can practice attending to your spirit through enlightening experiences like yoga, grounding, singing and dancing, and uplifting literature.

Taking the time to be full of gratitude is my number one advice for spiritual mindfulness.

Take any situation, find the light in perspective there, feel thankful for your situation, focus until you feel it…negativity can’t beat it! Sometimes when we get into a negative funk even thoughts related to graciousness can disgust us, but that’s when utilising your new-found inner dialogue skills can help! Continue to talk to yourself and really try to understand how fortunate you truly are. For me if I see something I don’t like I can think about how glad I am to see at all. That alone is such a blessing! Especially when you consider how different life would be for you without your sight…

Thanks for reading!

Please respond and comment if you have anything to add to the subject discussed today. If you are interested in learning more about me, check out the about page, if you want to contact me, reach out!




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